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Exhibition of recent works.

26-28 October 2018. See below for directions.

Opening on Friday night includes live music and spoken word at 7pm.

Live music from the Hill Scouts. Spoken word from Emma Bolland who will be presenting a new piece commissioned especially for this exhibition entitled ‘Poor Wee Monster’.

Friday October 26th / 6-8pm

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th / 12-4pm.


6 Newton Terrace, School Lane, LS7 3PW


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Kevin’s mobile: 07939 127 060

By car or public transport

Park in / walk through the Co-op car park. Go out to School Lane (exit past the recycle bins). Turn left down School Lane. Walk about 200 metres. In the brick wall on your right there’s a wooden door signed Newton Terrace Private. Enter, go to the end of the path and the last gate on the right is the entrance to 6 Newton Terrace.

By taxi

As above or go to the top of Methley Grove. Turn left, take first right, it’s a narrow back street, go to top, turn right it’s the first house.

Self and Others at Neo gallery Bolton


Penelope and Her Suitors ©Kevin Lycett

Penelope and Her Suitors in my garden

Self and Other, a very interesting group show that I’m glad to have been part of. All of the work is good and much of it excellent. The artists are friendly, the curation is so light touch you might not notice it as it weaves subtle echoes and allusions across the works. The gallery’s in a shopping centre. Regular people come in and enjoy it. The artworks talk with the visitors, not funders or curators. Food for thought.


Pick Me Up (and Hold Me Tight)

I’m right chuffed to contribute to this wonderful project; ‘Pick me up (and hold me tight). I’ve made a strictly limited edition of 10 paintings in response to the project title, they are all are the-same-not-the-same.They’re offered as crowdfunder rewards for contributions to this brilliant, creative and important project.

Art as shamanism

Well yes, of course that title’s a bit OTT, but I am fascinated by that dimension of art and creativity that seems to require us to talk in terms of spirit and other worlds. From the idea of the creative spirit inhabiting the artist at the time of creativity, to work that seeks to intercede in a quasi-shamanistic manner with forces that are believed to control our world, vast amounts of amazing art have come from that kind of mental and emotional space. It’s hard as a rationalist agnostic post enlightenment kind of person to know what to think about it all – and sometimes it seems better not to think about it at all.

In that spirit I’ve made a Talismanic work. It seeks to intercede in the life threatening illness of a friend and call on other beings to bring about healing. Do I believe in these other beings? Not really. Do I believe the work can actually affect my friend’s health… don’t think I do. But there’s something in me that thinks, do it anyway. I’ve come to have a strong awareness of the limits of our rationality, and a profound distaste for our arrogance in thinking our brains can conceive of all there is and draw firm boundaries around what is and isn’t. So although I can’t take the step into a belief in spirits, invisible forces and supernatural dimensions I also don’t think my belief is of much significance one way or the other. And I can clearly see the appalling mess our current way of conceiving of reality has got us into.

This isn’t a plea for irrationality and a rejection of science and reason. I absolutely don’t want to live in an age of bad dentistry. It’s more that it seems to me we are most foolish when we are at our most certain.

So here is my Talismanic painting, that incorporates certain Haitian sigils (called Veve) that are used in Vodou ceremonies that call upon the Lwa* to bring about desired changes in our world. The Lwa in the Veve in my painting are Erzuli and Marasa. There is also a sigil (The G) that represents Ginen, which can be described as the world that the Lwa live in, a world that is connected to but separate from ours. My knowledge of Vodou is very limited, so am reliant on the kind guidance of the great Haitain artist Lesly Msb Peirrepaul, for which I am deeply grateful.

  • The Lwa are akin to angels in that they intercede between mortals and the supreme Vodou deity BonDye, but they are a lot less well behaved, and can get pretty darn scary.

Haitian Collaboration

These paintings are a collabaration with the Haitian artist Lesly Msb Pierrepau We exchanged drawings using Facebook and then each worked up the other’s drawing into a final artwork.

‘Neg Mawon was drawn by Lesly Msb Pierrepoint and then copied and worked up in oil pastel and gloss paint by Kevin Lycett. ‘Fish Spirit’ was drawn by Kevin Lycett and then worked up in acrylic and biro by Lesly Msb Pierrepoint.

Earthlings, Monster and Sheds

An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Jane Lewis, Kevin Lycett and Alan Pergusey.

These three artists are brought together for this exhibition by their feeling that there’s something not quite right with the world.

Jane Lewis will be showing a series of 12 profoundly moving drawings entitled ‘Earthlings’, which are a response to the tragic and seemingly hopeless plight of animals used for food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research.

Monsters are the central motif of Kevin Lycett’s paintings. His latest suite of monster paintings are inspired by the six words for love, used in the Greek language These will be supported by his earlier ‘mini-monster’ paintings.

Alan’s paintings takes the shed or cabin and explores what it means to us as a place of refuge, safety and surveillance.

Exhibition Preview: Friday 10th March, 5pm – 9pm
Exhibition open: Saturday 11th: 11am – 5pm and
Sunday 12th, 1 – 5pm

Gallery Sixteen, 16 Sholebroke Place, Leeds LS7 3HJ


Now is the Time of Monsters

A solo exhibition was held at Workshop Press Gallery Leeds, 19-21 November 2016. This was my first solo show for a very long time, featuring a series of paintings that I had been working on for 3 years. This marked a new direction for my work as I hadn’t done any serious painting for most of my post -student life. Working instead in a wide range of media; from video to performance to photography and digital art.

Many people came, there was much fine conversation, and the rooms were buzzing with ideas all weekend long. I enjoy collaborations and a new one arose immediately;

Musician Kenny Jenkins and I were talking about the display of my miniature monster heads.

The wall of mini-monsters

The wall of mini-monsters/contemporay music score/ midi patch

I said that the wall of miniature monsters was in fact a contemporary music score. Kenny pointed out that it was a actually a midi patch and he would make that patch. He did.

Here’s Kenny Jenkins piece In The Time Of Monsters