Earthlings Monsters and Sheds exhibition invite

Earthlings, Monster and Sheds

An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Jane Lewis, Kevin Lycett and Alan Pergusey.

These three artists are brought together for this exhibition by their feeling that there’s something not quite right with the world.

Jane Lewis will be showing a series of 12 profoundly moving drawings entitled ‘Earthlings’, which are a response to the tragic and seemingly hopeless plight of animals used for food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research.

Monsters are the central motif of Kevin Lycett’s paintings. His latest suite of monster paintings are inspired by the six words for love, used in the Greek language These will be supported by his earlier ‘mini-monster’ paintings.

Alan’s paintings takes the shed or cabin and explores what it means to us as a place of refuge, safety and surveillance.

Exhibition Preview: Friday 10th March, 5pm – 9pm
Exhibition open: Saturday 11th: 11am – 5pm and
Sunday 12th, 1 – 5pm

Gallery Sixteen, 16 Sholebroke Place, Leeds LS7 3HJ