Now is the Time of Monsters

A solo exhibition was held at Workshop Press Gallery Leeds, 19-21 November 2016. This was my first solo show for a very long time, featuring a series of paintings that I had been working on for 3 years. This marked a new direction for my work as I hadn’t done any serious painting for most of my post -student life. Working instead in a wide range of media; from video to performance to photography and digital art.

Many people came, there was much fine conversation, and the rooms were buzzing with ideas all weekend long. I enjoy collaborations and a new one arose immediately;

Musician Kenny Jenkins and I were talking about the display of my miniature monster heads.

The wall of mini-monsters

The wall of mini-monsters/contemporay music score/ midi patch

I said that the wall of miniature monsters was in fact a contemporary music score. Kenny pointed out that it was a actually a midi patch and he would make that patch. He did.

Here’s Kenny Jenkins piece In The Time Of Monsters